Emma Powell Gallery

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Unfurling Gallery, Fritz Liedtke

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The Space Between Two Notes

Site Sight Unseen 6 © Jane Olin

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Cynthia Gladis Gallery

Narcissus or the Cone Hall od Mirrors © Cynthia Gladis

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Tom Chambers Gallery

No You Don’t © Tom Chambers

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The Light of Nature

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Spotlight on Mariana Bartolomeo

Mariana Bartolomeo’s work inspires, her portfolio was selected as a 2020 Rfotofolio Selection. We are pleased to share her work today. Please click on image to see a different view. To learn more about the work of Mariana Bartolomeo please visit her page by clicking on her name.  

Gerardo Stübing Gallery

Gazania Speciosa © Gerardo Stübing

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“I don’t care how dark it gets, after every night there comes a day.” Rev. F.D. Reese

Our Sunday Gallery

Seeing the Unseen © Amy Kanka Valadarsky

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Emilija Petrauskienė Gallery

To learn more about the work of Emilija Petrauskienė please visit her page by clicking on her name. Featured Comments: Wonderful, and needed at a time in which our ability to see beauty in simple things has become more important than ever. Thank you for this respite from grim times. Norm Snyder

Looking for Water

  My affair with water began 17 years ago, after hip replacement. The doctor simply prescribed swimming. Thankfully I had a pool in my backyard, and living in Atlanta after the Olympics, I was able to swim at one of their heated pools in the winter.

Memories Held

To learn more about these artist please click on their name. K.K. DePaul Jesseca Ferguson S.Gayle Stevens Lori Vrba        

Christopher Bryson Gallery

Hillary © Christopher Bryson

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