Flower, Lumen © Denis Roussel

The Denis Roussel Award

When :
Applications are accepted starting March 5th until June 27th.

Who is this for?

The Denis Roussel Award is open to all photographers whose work is based on the historical/alternative photographic processes, including silver gelatin. All work must be made by the person submitting.
No AI work is permited due to future copywrite questions.

What you need to apply.

A portfolio of seven well edited images and a written statement. In your statement please tell us about the work you are submitting. No more than two paragraphs please.

One applicant will be chosen for the Denis Roussel Award by our guest juror based on a portfolio of work and a written statement. There is also an Rfotofolio Award.  There is no fee to enter, but if you would like to make a donation of any amount, you help support the Rfotofolio Grants


Self-portrait © Denis Roussel

Self-portrait © Denis Roussel

About Denis Roussel

If you where lucky enough to have a conversation with Denis or to be a student of his you knew how much Denis loved photography.  He was always willing to share his knowledge with others. 

Denis worked on projects where even the compost bin was his muse, showing us that there is beauty everywhere. His landscapes and portraits have been an inspiration to many. 

He was an educator as well as a gifted artist. 

In 2017, Denis lost his battle with cancer.  All of us lost the pleasure of seeing new work and learning from this creative and resourceful artist.  His work and generous spirit inspires us and is the foundation of the Denis Roussel Award

To learn more about Denis Roussel please visit his page at Denis Roussel.

Why the Denis Roussel Award

We wanted in some small way help continue his legacy and to highlight the work of artist that work in historical processes.  The Denis Roussel Award was established in 2018.

Thank you

Thank you to Rachel Wilson-Roussel and family for your encouragement and support.
Thank you Josephine Sacabo for your support of the Denis Roussel Award.
Thank you Denis for your inspiration.
The stars are out tonight……

Echo Lake © Denis Roussel

Thank you to the following individuals and businesses for your support of the Denis Roussel Award and Rfotofolio.

Carol Boss and Hahnemühle paper.
Mark Nelson and Precision Digital Negative.
Bostick & Sullivan for a two hundred-dollar gift certificate.
Christopher James for his donation of a portfolio review.
Josephine Sacabo and Luna Press.

If you would like to make a donation to the Denis Roussel Award please us our paypal button below.

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Past recipients of the Denis Roussel Award.

2018 Luther Gerlach

2019 Tina Rowe

2020 Lesha Rodriguez

2021 Diana Bloomfield

 2022 Henri Blommers

2023 Lisa Nebenzahl


2020 -2023  Christopher James

2019 Jesseca Ferguson

2018  Jill Enfield

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