Unfurling, Fritz Liedtke

  Today we are pleased to share the work and words of Fritz Liedtke. Would you please tell us about yourself?  I am a professional photographer and artist, based in Portland, Oregon.

Lisa Nebenzahl, 2023 Denis Roussel Award

Lisa Nebenzahl is the 2023 Denis Roussel Award recipient. “I love this work for all of the languages it is speaking and for the obvious love of the craft on display. In a contemporary context, your work is profoundly emotional, lighter than air, moisture laden, and ironically, reconstructed and housed in geometric form. For me, the work explores… Read More

Sara Silks Gallery

Shosai I (Detail 1) © Sara Silks

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2023 Rfotofolio Call

It’s time for the 2023 Rfotofolio Call. This year Rfotofolio is honored to have Michael Kirchoff as our juror. How the Process Works Everyone sees art differently and with that in mind each year we ask our guest juror to select the work that speaks to them. Rfotofolio is always one of the jurors. Your submission… Read More

Labor, Bread, and Roses

As we go marching, marching In the beauty of the day A million darkened kitchens A thousand mill lofts grey Are touched with all the radiance That a sudden sun discloses For the people hear us singing Bread and roses, bread and roses. As we go marching, marching We battle too for men For they… Read More

Christopher Bryson

Today we share the work of photographer Christopher Bryson. Would you please tell us a little about yourself?

Blue Sunday

Burst © Marcy Palmer

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L. Aviva Diamond Gallery

Tiny Immensity 3 © L.Aviva Diamond

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The Space Between Two Notes

Site Sight Unseen 6 © Jane Olin

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When They Were Young

The young men that became our fathers. Please click on image to see a different view. Thank you to everyone that shared their pictures with us.


An image can bring calm. To Learn more about the work of these photographers please click on their names. Jan Bell Wynn Bullock Jo Fields Brian Kosoff Cyd Peroni Jack Wasserbach

Diana Bloomfield

Diana Bloomfield was the 2021 Denis Roussel Award winner. “Such accomplished and beautiful work… precise, playful, clearly loved in the process of making. What I truly enjoyed was how many ways this work might be experienced in person especially if given the permission to hold and move the pages and complex elements that make up… Read More

The 2023 Denis Roussel Awards

The Denis Roussel Award was started in 2018 to honor the legacy of photographer and educator Denis Roussel and to highlight work done by photographers whose work is based on the historical/alternative photographic processes, including silver gelatin Every year we are pleased and humbled to see the portfolios of work that come in from across the… Read More

Lesha Rodriguez

Beginning © Lesha Rodriquez

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Greg Martin Gallery

Memento Mori 22 © Greg Martin

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