Rfotofolio believes in community building not competition so our call may be different from others.

How the Process Works

Everyone sees art differently and with that in mind each year we ask our guest juror to select the work that speaks to them. The more people that see you work the better. Rfotofolio is always one of the jurors.

Work is considered as a portfolio.

Artist whose work is selected will be featured on our site, in future interviews, and future publications.  They will also be included in The Photographers Index. .

Many of the photographers that we have met over the years, come to our attention via the Rfotofolio Call. Rfotofolio has a call once a year and submissions will be accepted on Sept 10th.

Dates to remember.

Sept 10, 2023 Entries will be accepted.
Oct. 29, 2023 midnight CST is the deadline
Dec 10, 2023 selections will be announced on Rfotofolio.
Some of the things that happen when you take part in a call.

  1. You look at your work more closely. Editing becomes key. Your own selection process becomes more in tune with what you want to say.
  2. Your work is seen by people that may not have the opportunity to view your work in the past. Even if your work is not selected.
  3. You help support the organization and the community.


Work is selected on the bases of a portfolio of seven images.
All work must be done by you. No AI please.

The fee is up to you and is a donation. Your donations help support Rfotofolio and the Rfotofolio Grants that we award each year.

Please follow Rfotofolio for the announcements.

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Images in banner by Bob Avakian, Diana Bloomfield, K.K.DePaul, Brian Kosoff,
George Nobechi, James Ritchie, Rachael Short, Norm Snyder, Emilija Petrauskiene, Melanie Walker, Brian Van der Wetering.