Shinya Masuda

Today we are pleased to share our interview with Shinya Masuda Would you please tell us a little about yourself?  

Elizabeth Ellenwood Gallery

To learn more about the work of Elizabeth Ellenwood please visit her page at Elizabeth Ellenwood.  

Elizabeth Ellenwood

Elizabeth Ellenwood is one of merit award winners of the 2019 Denis Roussel Award. We are pleased to feature her work here on Rfotofolio. Would you please tell us a little about yourself?

Images from 2019

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Images from 2019

El Barco © Josephine Sacabo

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Images of 2019

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Images from 2019

Some of the work we have shared in 2019. Thank you to the photographers that share their work with us. Part 1 To learn more about these photographers please click on their names. Patricia Bender Robin Dintiman Michael Koerner Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer Tina Rowe

Norm Snyder, The Daily Circus

Norm Snyder is one of the photographers whose work was chosen in the 2019 Rfotofolio Selections.

2019 Rfotofolio Grant, Robert Zuckerman

One of the best things about Rfotofolio is that it has given us the chance to meet so many wonderful photographers and to be inspired by their creativity. Rfotofolio was founded in the hopes that we could build a community of photographers and every year that proves to be the case. With the help of… Read More

Shane Balkowitsch Gallery

Greta Tintin Eleanora Ernman Thunberg – Standing For Us All, 2019 ©Shane Balkowitsch
Ernman Thunberg 2019 © Shane Balkowitsch

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Shane Balkowitsch

Please tell us about yourself. I am a entrepreneur that found the historic wet plate collodion process back in 2012 and have been chasing it ever since.  I was 44 years old and never had a creative outlet in my life until then.  I have created over 3400 plates in the past 7 years and… Read More

Poetic Inspiration of the Ordinary, Eduardo Fujii

To learn more about the work of Eduardo Fujii please click on his name.

2019 Rfotofolio Selections

For the 2019 Rfotofolio Call we where honored to have Sally Davies, Kat Kiernan, and Brian Taylor as our guest jurors. Rfotofolio also includes our selections in todays annoucement. We asked each juror to selected their three top portfolios, works of merit, and top selections in dimensional work. This was no easy task. All the jurors… Read More