The 2023 Denis Roussel Awards

The Denis Roussel Award was started in 2018 to honor the legacy of photographer and educator Denis Roussel and to highlight work done by photographers whose work is based on the historical/alternative photographic processes, including silver gelatin Every year we are pleased and humbled to see the portfolios of work that come in from across the… Read More

Lesha Rodriguez

Beginning © Lesha Rodriquez

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Greg Martin Gallery

Memento Mori 22 © Greg Martin

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Greg Martin

Greg Martin was a 2022 Rfotofolio selection for Work of Merit. We are pleased to share his work on Rfotofolio.

Luther Gerlach

Back in 2018 Luther Gerlach was our first Denis Roussel Award winner chosen by Jill Enfield. What a momentous way to start an award honoring the artist made image. “Having spent a number of years making hundreds of wet plate collodion portraits, I know that to get these perfect renditions in his portfolio “Fabrica”, required… Read More

Cynthia Gladis Gallery

Narcissus or the Cone Hall od Mirrors © Cynthia Gladis

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Cynthia Gladis

Today we feature  Cynthia Gladis.  Would you please tell us about yourself? I am a passionate New Jersey, U.S. based photographer whose work is informed by a long career in graphic design and an appreciation of fine art. My subjects are varied but most of my work has a common thread – an often humorous, sometimes ironic,… Read More

Shore Acres and the Oregon Coast

SHORE ACRES & THE OREGON COAST August 28 to September 1, 2023 Stu Levy and Willie Osterman Shore Acres and the Oregon Coast will be the focus of this workshop. On the Oregon coast west of Coos Bay, Shore Acres is often termed the ‘Point Lobos of Oregon.’ It is an area of convoluted rock forms… Read More

Jessica Somers Gallery

To learn more about the work of Jessica Somers please visit her page by clicking on her name.  

Jessica Somers

Jessica Somers was a 2022 Denis Roussel Award Work of Merit selection by Christopher James. “Your project, My Trinity IS My Fortress, is simply exquisite, conceptually flawless in its simple message of integrating a creature, and by association, the most elemental nature (Denis Roussel would certainly approve) in collaboration with your studio practice. Your writing… Read More