Jeri Eisenberg

Rfotofolio is pleased to share the work of Jeri Eisenberg, whose work and craft we have enjoyed for many years.

Luther Gerlach Gallery

  The Thomas Fire Burn series are unique silver gelatin prints toned with ash and sulfuric water from hot springs at the origin point of the fire, Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula.

Luther Gerlach

Today Rfotofolio is pleased to share the work of Luther Gerlach, the recipent of the first Denis Roussel Award.

Where We Work Randy Efros

© Randy Efros

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Jacqueline Walters Gallery

Somewhere Between Here and There 12 © Jacqueline Walters

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Jacqueline Walters

Rfotofolio is pleased to share the work of photographer Jacqueline Walters. Could you please tell us a little about yourself? Born in Cambridge, England, I am a fine art photographer based in San Francisco. I did not become a serious student of photography until my late 40s. I had a passion for expatriate literature from Paris… Read More

The 2018 Denis Roussel Award

In 2018,  Rfotofolio established the Denis Roussel Award to help continue the legacy of photographer Denis Roussel. We first met Denis in 2013 when he entered our call, What is Beauty? He worked on a broad range of projects including one where even the compost bin was his muse, showing us that there is beauty everywhere. Denis was… Read More

Rachael Talibart Gallery

Raptor © Rachael Talibart

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David Clarkson Gallery

Stratford, ON, CN © David Clarkson

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David Clarkson

 Today we feature the work and words of David Clarkson.  Would you please tell us a little about yourself?  In 1965, while serving in the Marine Corps, a friend loaned his camera to me. From the moment I held it and shot a few rolls I somehow felt a connection, a then uncertain joy. After… Read More

Beauty Where You Find It

  “Mysteries lie all around us, even in the most familiar things, waiting only to be perceived.” Wynn Bullock The stars are out tonight.     Please click on the individual picture to see a larger version.   Thank you Denis. To learn more about the work of Denis Roussel please visit his page at… Read More

There is Beauty

To learn more about these photographers please click on their name. Zia Ayub Mariana Bartolomeo Patricia Bender Aryan Chappell Eduardo Fujii Denis Roussel Henrieke Strecker Jerry Takigawa      

Matt Connors Gallery

Doud Creek 2 © Matt Connors

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