Of Breath and Dust, Kaitlyn Danielson

  Ambrotypes – Of Breath and Dust  – You write, “I seize the moment of my fading breath and directly address the legacy of a photograph as memento mori. Each breath is captured digitally, printed as a digital transparency, and finally transferred onto glass. Just as every breath is unique, so is every photograph.”  The conversation regarding the… Read More

Denis Roussel Award 2021

  Update: New deadline June 27, 2021 midnight CST is the deadline. On July 25, 2021 results will be announced on rfotofolio.org.

Cyd Peroni

Cyd’s portfolio“The Amber of the Moment” was chosen as a 2020 Rfotofolio Selection. We are pleased to share her work and words.

Denis Roussel Award 2021

The Denis Roussel Award  was started in 2018 to help continue the legacy and celebrate the life of photographer and educator Denis Roussel and to highlight work done by photographers whose work is based on historical/alternative photographic processes, including silver gelatin. Every year we are pleased and humbled to see the portfolios of work that come… Read More

Tomasz Laczny

Tomasz Laczny’s portfolio, Erna, Helena, Ania was selected by Christopher James for Outstanding Work in the 2020 Denis Roussel Award. “I am very much taken by the organic and graphic power of this work dealing with the notion of loss and absence, ghosts and traces of reality. I would love to see your aesthetic, and this project,… Read More

When They Were Young

The young women that became our mothers.  Thank you to everyone who shared images of their mothers and other important women in their lifes.

Spotlight on Robert Treat

  Grieving  Joy   Robert’s portfolio Grieving  Joy was selected by Christopher James for Outstanding Work in the 2020 Denis Roussel Award. “Gestural and organic photo-graphic drawings that illustrate the depth of the artist’s internal self and relationship to life-altering loss. I am deeply moved by this work and how humble and powerful it is simultaneously. It… Read More

Douglas Nicolson Gallery

Manifestation of Spirit Working in Isolation © Douglas Nicolson

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Douglas Nicolson

Douglas Nicolson’s portfolio was chosen as an Outstanding Work in the 2020 Denis Roussel Award. “Manifestations of Spirit,  A range of work exploring the symbolic representation of self, creating psychological spaces between dreams and reality. I would recommend translating these beautifully crafted and graphic images into a printmaking medium such as intaglio where you could… Read More

How We Met

“Alternative process and integrated media image making is not about the technique employed, the camera in hand, or the preference of digital or analog capture. Nor is it about the “artifact” or accident within the image that represents photography’s version of gesture that miraculously makes an image artistic and expressive. Alternative process and integrated media… Read More

Michael Puff

Beautiful composition, thoughtful lighting, attention and skill given to making the final print made Michael Puff’s portfolio a 2020 Rfotofolio Selection.

The Light of Nature

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Spotlight on Mariana Bartolomeo

Mariana Bartolomeo’s work inspires, her portfolio was selected as a 2020 Rfotofolio Selection. We are pleased to share her work today. Please click on image to see a different view. To learn more about the work of Mariana Bartolomeo please visit her page by clicking on her name.