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My affair with water began 17 years ago, after hip replacement. The doctor simply prescribed swimming. Thankfully I had a pool in my backyard, and living in Atlanta after the Olympics, I was able to swim at one of their heated pools in the winter.

Over the years, water became much more than swimming. Now my therapeutic lifeline to walking is water aerobics. I can’t describe the feeling and comfort of being surrounded by the water and the feeling of accomplishment when an exhausting session is over.
The story goes deeper as I found that all water was soothing to me, including the raging sea, the calm, lake, a sunset reflecting, being in a boat,  or surrounded by fog. Water has its own song and rhythm, bringing out emotions if one just observes…

Obstacles © Vicki Wilson Hunt





About this work:

“Each image is  4 x 4 printed on Hahnemuhle rag, saturated with cold wax, heated and lightly dusted with mica dust. All are hand sewn onto my own paper hand made from pulp, thus the irregular sizes and colors of each background sheet. My minimal thoughts about each image are scrawled across the page, although there is a longer story behind each one. My hope is to fill the other side of the thick paper with more water images and thoughts, and frame each between  two pieces of glass.” Vicki Wilson Hunt

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Vicki Wilson Hunt.

Featured comments:

“Love these, and the size of them. And wish I could see them in person– with that mica dust!” Diana Bloomfield

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