The Light of Nature

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Spotlight on Joanne Teasdale

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“I don’t care how dark it gets, after every night there comes a day.” Rev. F.D. Reese

The Water Murmurs, Joanne Teasdale

Joanne Teasdale is one of the photographers that make Depth of Field possible. Today we share some of the images from her Water and Women project.

My Experience at Standing Rock by Joanne Teasdale

I left Santa Fe wondering how my journey to Standing Rock would contribute to my understanding of social justice and the power of so many voices, not only at the Oceti Sakowin camp, but across the world.

2015 on Rfotofolio

We at Rfotofolio thank all the photographers for making 2015 so memorable. Here is to the coming years. What will you create? Read More

From Far Corners

We are all strangers in a strange land. Read More

The Searcher, Joanne Teasdale

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