Lesha Rodriguez

Beginning © Lesha Rodriquez

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Tomasz Laczny

Tomasz Laczny’s portfolio, Erna, Helena, Ania was selected by Christopher James for Outstanding Work in the 2020 Denis Roussel Award. “I am very much taken by the organic and graphic power of this work dealing with the notion of loss and absence, ghosts and traces of reality. I would love to see your aesthetic, and this project,… Read More

Douglas Nicolson

Douglas Nicolson’s portfolio was chosen as an Outstanding Work in the 2020 Denis Roussel Award. “Manifestations of Spirit,  A range of work exploring the symbolic representation of self, creating psychological spaces between dreams and reality. I would recommend translating these beautifully crafted and graphic images into a printmaking medium such as intaglio where you could… Read More

How We Met

“Alternative process and integrated media image making is not about the technique employed, the camera in hand, or the preference of digital or analog capture. Nor is it about the “artifact” or accident within the image that represents photography’s version of gesture that miraculously makes an image artistic and expressive. Alternative process and integrated media… Read More

Christopher Bennett Gallery

Arches © Christopher Bennett

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Christopher Bennett

  Christopher Bennett’s portfolio was chosen as an Outstanding Work in the 2020 Denis Roussel Award. “I loved your scanned Calotypes (really well-done paper negatives) enhanced in Photoshop and completely understand the need to marry the paper negative with digital technology. I like the images a great deal and see their compositional construction as windows… Read More

Maria Isabel LeBlanc Gallery

“I tell myself to just start.  I pick up my camera or I mix some chemicals and get the darkroom ready to print.  Before I know it, I am immersed in the creative process again.  I never regret “just starting” and inevitably I end up working through stagnation.  As long as I learn something or practice my craft, even when I fumble, I feel accomplished.” Maria Isabel LeBlanc
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Maria Isabel LeBlanc

Maria Isabel LeBlanc’s portfolio was an Outstanding Work selection in the 2020 Denis Roussel Award. De la Luz Silver gelatin and palladium prints w 4×5 – farm fields – Monterey, CA “You have created a solid and exquisitely crafted portfolio and I think the essence of your inspiration and resulting work has been perfectly realized. This… Read More

Gerardo Stübing Gallery

Gazania Speciosa © Gerardo Stübing

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Gerardo Stübing

Gerardo Stübing portfolio was the Rfotofolio Selection in the2020 Denis Roussel  Award. “I am so impressed with your alchemical hybridization between science, art and nature. Many of my current and recent MFA candidates are following the same path that you are and it is clear that your years of teaching have honed your concept very… Read More

Ole Brodersen Gallery

Riser 2 -8 © Ole Brodersen

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Ole Brodersen

Ole Brodersen was a Outstanding Work selection in the 2020 Denis Roussel Award. Horizontal Displacement – You write, “My work explores the landscape and the natural forces that animate it – makes exposures of the horizon from a boat – “mechanical objectivity” – the process being perceived as unmediated.” As in the process of creating… Read More

Anna Rotty

Anna Rotty was a Outstanding Work selection in the 2020 Denis Roussel Award. “Your portfolio has some beautiful work in it and I truly love the concept of Phosphene (the stimulation of the visual system other than by light), The experience of contemplation in solitude – and rendered as cyanotypes toned in yerba mate tea –… Read More

Lesha Rodriguez

  Lesha Rodriguez is the 2020 Denis Roussel Award winner. We are pleased to feature her work on Rfotofolio.

David Russo

David Russo’s portfolio was selected as an example of Outstanding Work by juror Christopher James in the2020 Denis Roussel  Award. “The Framer – believes the physicality of the print affects our experience of the subject – wet collodion positives on glass The works you have created are beautifully crafted. My favorite in the portfolio is… Read More