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2014 on Rfotofolio

Thank you to all the photographers that made 2014 such a memorable year.  And to all the people that love and support the art form. Part l Part ll Part lll The Photographers Agnes Courrault Jack Spencer Camille Seaman Michael Jentzen Joel Salcido Ellen Jantzen Jack Wasserbach Edna Bullock Chuck Davis Wynn Bullock Diana Bloomfield… Read More

Camille Seaman Gallery

   Please tap on image to view slideshow.    To read our interview with Camille Seaman please visit, “Camille Seaman, Showing the Connection”. To learn more about Camille Seaman please visit her site at,Camille Seaman.

Camille Seaman,Showing the Connection

Rfotofolio is pleased to share the work of Camille Seaman. Would you please tell us a little about yourself? My high school year book quote was, “Wow! Look at that turtle go!” I didn’t decide to become a photographer until I was thirty-two years old.  Most of my life has been about exploring, doing things… Read More