Photo of the Day

Wynn Bullock Featuring the outstanding images that have been shared with Rfotofolio Today we share Wood by Wynn Bullock. To learn more please visit his page by clicking on his name.  

Photo of the Day

Wynn Bullock Wynn Bullock was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1902. Bullock was originally trained to become a  vocalist in New York City and toured with Irving Berlin’s Music Box Revue. While in Europe, he came across artists such as Cezanne, Man Ray, and Lazlo Moholy-Nagy, and subsequently took a different creative path. Bullock said: “my first ambition… Read More

Wynn and Edna

Fish Net over Fence, by Edna Bullock © Bullock Family Photography LLC

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Susan Spiritus on Collecting

Rfotofolio is pleased to have Susan Spiritus as a guest contributor.  Susan Spiritus has been sharing her love and knowledge of fine art photography through her gallery since 1976.  Thank you Susan.

The Light of Nature

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Michael Jackson, Reconnecting

Because the entire world seems to be sheltering in place we thought this would be a good time to reconnect with some of the photographers we have featured in the past. Today we share the work of Michael Jackson 

Going Places

Girl in Car by Wynn Bullock © Bullock Family Photography, LLC

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Please click on image to see a larger size. To learn more about these artist please visit their pages by clicking on the their name. Wynn Bullock Morgan Fisher Featured comments:  “It is a huge honour for me to have my work shown here alongside that of a true master of light, Wynn Bullock. Sincere… Read More

Mysteries and Wonder

“Mysteries lie all around us, even in the most familiar things, waiting only to be perceived.” Wynn Bullock

Loren Nelson

Rfotofolio’s annual call brings to our attention the inspiring work that is being done. Today we are pleased to share the work of Loren Nelson, one of the selections in the2017 Rfotofolio Call for Entry.  Would you please tell us a little about yourself ? I am originally from Colorado Springs, CO, but have lived… Read More

Aryan Chappell Gallery

“The medium of photography can record not only what the eyes see, but that which the mind’s eye sees as well. The camera is not only an extension of the eye, but of the brain. It can see sharper, farther, nearer, slower, faster than the eye. It can see by invisible light. It can see… Read More

The Good Earth

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” ― Ansel Adams Read More

Celebrating Wynn Bullock

“The urge to create, the urge to photograph, comes in part from the deep desire to live with more integrity, to live more in peace with the world, and possibly to help others to do the same” Wynn Bullock Read More

A Gift

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