A Hope, Prayer, and a Dream

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2015 on Rfotofolio

We at Rfotofolio thank all the photographers for making 2015 so memorable. Here is to the coming years. What will you create? Read More

2014 on Rfotofolio

Thank you to all the photographers that made 2014 such a memorable year.  And to all the people that love and support the art form. Part l Part ll Part lll The Photographers Agnes Courrault Jack Spencer Camille Seaman Michael Jentzen Joel Salcido Ellen Jantzen Jack Wasserbach Edna Bullock Chuck Davis Wynn Bullock Diana Bloomfield… Read More

Escape Artist, The Art of Fran Forman

  From the beautiful end pages, beginning to end Fran Forman’s book, “Escape Artist” takes you on a journey.  From cautionary tales to flights of fancy Fran Forman’s art on these pages act as an inspiration to write our own poetry, to imagine our own stories.  They tell of us of despair and hope, longing and… Read More

Tami Bone, Visual Poet

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The Art of Fran Forman

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