Fugue State, Aline Smithson

My project, Fugue State, speaks to the potential loss of the tangible photograph in future generations. I observe my children, part of the most documented generation in history, creating thousands of images, but they will most likely have no physical photographs to pass down to their grandchildren.

Sandra Klein

“These images are imaginative, playful, quirky and also intriguingly thought-provoking.  They explore our inner world of thoughts, memories, feelings, values – what we focus on, what we hold dear.  Also they probe the connections and relationships between internal and external realities.” Barbara Bullock-Wilson Today  we feature the work of Sandra Klein. Sandra was an award… Read More

On the Journey with Carol Mollhagen Erb

My focus is on making the best images I can. Anything that happens as a result is frosting on the top. C.E. Read More