A Hope, Prayer, and a Dream

Entitled A Hope, Prayer, and a Dream, Laura Corley-Burlton and Marti Corn have curated an exhibit including the works 60 photographers. These artists belong to shootapalooza, a community of photographers whose focus is placed on alternative processes and sharing ideas.

The theme, A Hope, Prayer, and a Dream was derived from the desire to reflect our emotions revolving around the unrest and chaos that is raging throughout the world today.

The exhibit offers two walls, including one that is 84 feet long, that are wheat pasted with 131 images as well as storefront windows filled with cyanotype prayer flags and other installations including the works of Corley-Burlton and Corn.

This installation is hosted by Main Street Projects, an alternative art venue for site-specific art installations in Mid Main Houston, located in the 3600 Block of Main Street. Five percent of sales from the local businesses during the opening reception on March 3 will benefit the Houston Center for Photography. This exhibit will be on display throughout FotoFest and will remain on display through the end of April 2016.

Many thanks to Laura Corley Burlton and Marti Corn for curating and organizing this event. And special thanks to Judy Sherrod who is the driving force behind shootapalooza.

To learn more about these photographers please visit their sites by clicking on their names.

Jane Fulton Alt
Keliy Anderson-Staley
Mariana Bartolomeo
Patrica Bender
Anne Berry
Christa Blackwood
Tami Bone

Cecilia Broder

Pat Brown
Valerie Burke
Laura Burlton
Laura Calfee

Kimberly Chiaris
Marti Corn
Patricia Delker

Kay Denton
Theresa Escobedo
Diane Fenster
Fran Forman
Ann George
Aubrey Guthrie
Laura Husar Garcia
Ellie Ivanova
Amy Jasek

Angela Johnson
Angela Bacon Kidwell
Sandra Klein
Rita Koehler
Galina Kurlat
Louviere & Vanessa
Ky Lewis
Ingrid Lundquist
Lynda Martin
Yvette Meltzer
Billie Mercer
Heather Oelklaus
Marcy Palmer
Heather Perera
Becky Ramotowski
Vicki Reed
Paula Riff
Jerry Rosenthal
Connie Rosenthal
Ronna Schary
Jennifer Shaw
Judy Sherrod
Sara Silks
Amanda Smith
Nancy Smith
Aline Smithson
DorRae Stevens
Jacqueline Stoken
Vicky Stromee
Shari Rohde Trennert
Kevin Tully
Lucy Wainwright
Melanie Walker
DB Waltrip
Sean Yseult

To learn more about shootapalooza please visit, A Community of Photographers.

Thank you to the photographers that share their work with us.

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