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From the beautiful end pages, beginning to end Fran Forman’s book, “Escape Artist” takes you on a journey.  From cautionary tales to flights of fancy Fran Forman’s art on these pages act as an inspiration to write our own poetry, to imagine our own stories.  They tell of us of despair and hope, longing and joy.  Dreams and nightmares.

This book is a treasure and a gift of Frans work.  With poetry and stories from Michelle Blake to start us on the this journey, so on a quite sunday or any day we too can become escape artist.

Our children float away into the great blue sky
of the possible.
They rise above the clouds so dense
and decorative we cannot see their faces.
When they call we ask
Where are you?
You Know, they say,
I am Here.
But they’re not.
Only earlier versions of them
run ahead toward
the roaring ocean, the snarling dog, the river
with its devious swirls and eddies.
And without meaning to, we call Stop!
Until they turn their trusting
faces and reach back for our hands
to lift us lightly with them into the wide and starting world.”

                                                            Michelle Blake 

Offering the Dove © Fran Forman
Offering the Dove © Fran Forman

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