Susan Spiritus on Collecting

Rfotofolio is pleased to have Susan Spiritus as a guest contributor.  Susan Spiritus has been sharing her love and knowledge of fine art photography through her gallery since 1976.  Thank you Susan.

Where We Work, Jim Sincock

© Jim Sincock
© Jim Sincock

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The Photographers,Edna Bullock

We are honored to share three images from Edna Bullock in this years Depth of Field, along with three from Wynn Bullock. About the photographer, Edna Bullock. Edna Bullock became an ’emerging’ artist in photography at age 61. As a dancer in her youth, she was inspired by Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, and Ruth St.… Read More

Where We Work, Jim Sincock

Today we feature the work space of Jim Sincock. Tell us about your average working day? Some days I’m photographing outdoors, but mostly I head to my studio each morning during the week.  When I get to the studio I usually make some coffee and write down some rough ideas on what I’d like to… Read More

Honey Lazar, Neither Plain Nor Simple

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Willie Osterman Gallery

To learn more about Willie Osterman please visit his site at,Willie Osterman.  To read our interview with Willie Osterman please visit,“Willie Osterman Photographer”. Thank you to the photographers whose work inspires us.