Photo of the Day

Wynn Bullock Wynn Bullock was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1902. Bullock was originally trained to become a  vocalist in New York City and toured with Irving Berlin’s Music Box Revue. While in Europe, he came across artists such as Cezanne, Man Ray, and Lazlo Moholy-Nagy, and subsequently took a different creative path. Bullock said: “my first ambition… Read More

Maria Isabel LeBlanc Gallery

“I tell myself to just start.  I pick up my camera or I mix some chemicals and get the darkroom ready to print.  Before I know it, I am immersed in the creative process again.  I never regret “just starting” and inevitably I end up working through stagnation.  As long as I learn something or practice my craft, even when I fumble, I feel accomplished.” Maria Isabel LeBlanc
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Chuck Davis, Below the Surface

Please enjoy todays escape as Chuck Davis takes us below the surface. View on a large screen if possible. A large oceanic wave crashes on top of a volcanic reefscape creating clouldlike wave turbulence as a King Angelfish feeds below, at Isla Las Animas, Sea of Cortez, Baja, Mexico.

The Art of Keith Taylor

Rfotofolio has the pleasure of bringing you the work and words of master printer and photographer Keith Taylor. Would you please tell us a little about yourself? I was born in Bromley, a suburb of London, in the UK, but for the past seventeen years I’ve lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I started my career as… Read More