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Jack Wasserbach   Click on image to see a different view. Featuring the outstanding images that have been shared with Rfotofolio. Today we share  Sepia Dune by Jack Wasserbach. To learn more please visit his page by clicking on his name.

Spotlight on Jack Wasserbach

Sometimes when you think of a certain place, you find youself remembering it through the lens of a photographe. Their work has such a strong connection with the environment that it becomes a natural response. Jack Wasserbach is Oceano and the rough and weathered coastline of California.

The Photographer,Jack Wasserbach

We are reposting our 2014 interview with Jack Wasserbach. On a recent trip we where able to meet with Jack and view some of his new work. They are beautiful panoramic  images, and though his format has changed the love he feels for his surrounding and the excitement in being a photographer can still be… Read More

The Good Earth

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” ― Ansel Adams Read More

An Anniversary

Thank you to the photographers, publishers,and supporters that have filled the last three years with beauty and creativity. On Sunday, June 28th we will announce the first recipient of the Rfotofolio Grant. You have inspired us. To learn more about these photographers please click on their names. Wynn Bullock Tami Bone Jack Wasserbach Ellen Jantzen Jeri Eisenberg… Read More

The Photographer, Jack Wasserbach

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