Moonglow © Jack Wasserbach

We are reposting our 2014 interview with Jack Wasserbach. On a recent trip we where able to meet with Jack and view some of his new work. They are beautiful panoramic  images, and though his format has changed the love he feels for his surrounding and the excitement in being a photographer can still be felt when looking at his images.


Many of us, no matter where we live, stop seeing what is around us. It becomes commonplace, and so we travel to be inspired, to see. But not Jack Wasserbach. He has taken in the lay of the land around him, and captures its beauty to share with us.

In 2014 Rfotofolio had the pleasure of meeting  Jack Wasserbach and viewing an inspiring collection of his work. No matter how good an image looks online there is nothing like viewing a print in person. When you see his work you feel the connection he has with the landscape that is his subject. A true love and understanding of place comes through his images.  We are pleased to share his work.

Sun Wave © Jack Wasserbach

Would you please tell us a little about yourself ?

I’ve been photographing for about 45 years. I have a BFA from the Art Institute of Boston and the California College of Art.

How did you get started photography ?

I was introduced to photography through a friend while serving in Viet Nam.

Please tell us about some of the photographers that you admire and how their work influences your own work.

Edward Weston, Wynn Bullock, Minor White, Alfred Stieglitz, my work is mainly landscape oriented and my finished photograph is sepia-toned.

Tell us about your relationship with Oceano ?

Oceano represents to me the ultimate in pure landscape.  My work there has evolved into very minimal photographs.

What challenges do you face as a photographer ?

At this moment, I’m still using film and I’m not sure about the future of film.

How do you overcome a creative block ? 

One way is looking at other artist’s work.  I’ve collected a 500+ book library to use as one of my sources.

Would you tell us about your workspace ?

My workspace is Big Sur and Point Lobos.

Please tell us what a perfect day of shooting is for you ?

A perfect day is continually being inspired by my surroundings, weather, etc.

Where can we see your work, and would you like to share any upcoming projects ?

My work can be seen on my website and  has been collected by the Museum of Modern Art, NYC, The Center of Creative Photography, Arizona, Corcoran, Washington, DC.

Any stories about your work you would like to share?

My photographs, if successful, transport the viewer to an environment that tells the story.

Thank you Jack for sharing your art.

To learn more about the work of Jack Wasserbach please visit his page atJack Wasserbach.

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