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 Patricia Bender   Featuring the outstanding images that have been shared with Rfotofolio. To learn more, please visit Patricia Bender‘s page by clicking on her name.  

2020 Community

“When I photograph, what I’m really doing is seeking answers to things.”  Wynn Bullock  Read More

2020 Everyday is a Gift

Some of the photographers whose work and workspaces we have shared in 2020. They inspire us in this year of challenges. Everyday is a gift Part 1

Where We Work, Patricia Bender

We are pleased to share the workspace of photographer Patricia Bender. A couple weeks ago I threw in the towel on my rarely used formal dining room, already overrun with art supplies, and turned it into an official artist studio.  I’d created a darkroom and dry workspace in my basement over ten years ago, and… Read More

An Anniversary

Thank you to the photographers, publishers,and supporters that have filled the last three years with beauty and creativity. On Sunday, June 28th we will announce the first recipient of the Rfotofolio Grant. You have inspired us. To learn more about these photographers please click on their names. Wynn Bullock Tami Bone Jack Wasserbach Ellen Jantzen Jeri Eisenberg… Read More

Patricia Bender Gallery

“To me, taking thousands of photographs and then picking one from the bunch is not art. It’s great for commercial photography – weddings and portraiture – but it is not making art. For me, art needs to be more deliberative and thoughtful, more purposeful. You have to invest yourself in the process.” Patricia Bender.
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Patricia Bender, Photographer

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