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“Alternative process and integrated media image making is not about the technique employed, the camera in hand, or the preference of digital or analog capture. Nor is it about the “artifact” or accident within the image that represents photography’s version of gesture that miraculously makes an image artistic and expressive.
Alternative process and integrated media image creation has its heartbeat strongly allied to the time-honored traditions of studio practice and making images by hand. It is driven by curiosity and the desire to see where a process will lead the artist and their imagination in personally important directions. This living philosophy is the soul of this year’s collection of submissions. It is, in my mind, a representation of the new photography and of those artists who are actively defining the future of the medium we all love. “ Christopher James


The Denis Roussel Award is now open for submissions.
To learn more about the Denis Roussel Award please visit The Denis Roussel Award.

Jurors statements can be seen at The Denis Roussel Award 2020

Special Thanks

Thank you to Christopher James for your thoughtful considerations.
Thank you to Rachel Roussel-Diamond and family for your encouragement and support.

A special thank you  to Josephine Sacabo for your support of the Denis Roussel Award and your support of Rfotofolio.

Thank you Denis.

Thank you to the following individuals and businesses.
Carol Boss and Hahnemühle paper.
Mark Nelson for Precision Digital Negatives eBook and the Precision Digital Negatives custom 31 step standardized film step tablet. Precision Digital Negative.
Bostick & Sullivan for a two hundred-dollar gift certificate.
Christopher James for his donation of The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes 3rd Edition, Signed
Josephine Sacabo and Luna Press.


To learn more about Christopher James please click on his name.

To learn more about the photographers please click on their names.

Lesha Rodriguez

Diana Bloomfield

Kaitlyn Danielson

Paul Adams

Chris Bennett

Megan Bent

Ole Brodersen

Elysabeth Cianci

Tomasz Laczny

Maria Isabel LeBlanc

Kathryn Mayo

Douglas Nicolson

JoaquI­n Paredes

Anna Rotty

David Russo

Gerardo Stübing

Robert Treat


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