Melanie Walker Gallery

Nomadic Dreamer 1 © Melanie Walker

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2021 Part II

Some of the photographers that inspired us in 2021. Please click on image to see a different view.

Melanie Walker

Melanie Walker was a 2018 Rfotofolio selection. “I don’t think I’ve ever met a puppet I didn’t like, but these take my appreciation to another level—artful, soulful, they hold mystery and memory, and expand the idea of a photographic portrait to new realms. Rather than a static story telling, this format allows for the possibility of… Read More

One of the Photographers, Melanie Walker

“I think it’s so important to step out of one’s comfort zone and keep taking risks. I see so many artists who get locked in by the marketplace and either get pigeon-holed or pigeon-hole themselves….  The curse of style.” Melanie Walker Read More

A Visual Conversation with Melanie Walker

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A Visual Conversation with Melanie Walker

“Photography is my home. It is my family.” Melanie Walker Read More