Nomadic Dreamer 1 © Melanie Walker

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Love the adventure in this work and wonder about the size of it and the physical material the images are created upon… the answers to that curiosity might better enhance the issues of sustainability you reference. I totally appreciate your adoption of the phytogram process (using the inherent chemistry of plant matter to represent images of themselves) as that collaboration echoes your own with materials from your father’s studio.Christopher James


This is no long just about the photo, it is part of something else. You have to get physical and actually hold these-become part of the object, in order to get inside and experience the artist’s message. Sally Davies

A beautifully innovative blending of sculpture with photography. Very soulful and heartfelt solutions for presenting photographic imagery as dimensional art objects—especially as shelters. The artist has overcome challenges and created elegantly poetic content and subject matter that conveys a universality that reaches out and connects with each viewer. Brian Taylor



I don’t think I’ve ever met a puppet I didn’t like, but these take my appreciation to another level—artful, soulful, they hold mystery and memory, and expand the idea of a photographic portrait to new realms. Rather than a static story telling, this format allows for the possibility of new narratives each time there is interaction with the object.Aline Smithson



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