Spotlight on Robert Treat

  Grieving  Joy   Robert’s portfolio Grieving  Joy was selected by Christopher James for Outstanding Work in the 2020 Denis Roussel Award. “Gestural and organic photo-graphic drawings that illustrate the depth of the artist’s internal self and relationship to life-altering loss. I am deeply moved by this work and how humble and powerful it is simultaneously. It… Read More

The Muse Among Us

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In the Company of Photographers

Some of the photographers that we featured  in 2017 and the places they took us.

Robert Treat Gallery

To learn more about the work of Robert Treat please visit his page at Robert Treat.

Robert Treat

  “These images are visually compelling with their interplay of dark and light, form and movement.  Beyond this, are the intriguing ideas of the beauty and grace of “dead” and “decaying” things; of the energy and “life” of discarded objects; and the energy inherent in forms returning to the earth.” Barbara Bullock-Wilson Rfotofolio’s  annual call… Read More