Beauty Where You Find It

Ulnar Drift © Megan Bent

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Diana Bloomfield, 2021 Denis Roussel Award Recipient

“Such accomplished and beautiful work… precise, playful, clearly loved in the process of making. What I truly enjoyed was how many ways this work might be experienced in person especially if given the permission to hold and move the pages and complex elements that make up each piece. In the time-honored treasure and marriage of… Read More

The Denis Roussel Awards 2021

The Denis Roussel Award was started in 2018 to help continue the legacy of photographer and educator Denis Roussel and to highlight work done by photographers whose work is based on the historical/alternative photographic processes, including silver gelatin. We would like to thank juror, author, and educator Christopher James who spent long hours reviewing the submissions.… Read More

Spotlight on Robert Treat

  Grieving  Joy   Robert’s portfolio Grieving  Joy was selected by Christopher James for Outstanding Work in the 2020 Denis Roussel Award. “Gestural and organic photo-graphic drawings that illustrate the depth of the artist’s internal self and relationship to life-altering loss. I am deeply moved by this work and how humble and powerful it is simultaneously. It… Read More

Julia Martin

Julia  Martin’s work was selected as an Outstanding Body of Work in the2019 Denis Roussel Award by juror Jesseca Ferguson. We are pleased to feature her work here on Rfotofolio. Would you please tell us a little about yourself? I’m originally from Golden, Colorado but am currently living in Phoenix, Arizona. Before coming to Arizona… Read More

Elizabeth Ellenwood Gallery

To learn more about the work of Elizabeth Ellenwood please visit her page at Elizabeth Ellenwood.  

Into the Blue

  We were born before the wind Also younger than the sun Ere the bonnie boat was won as we sailed into the mystic Hark, now hear the sailors cry Smell the sea and feel the sky Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic. Van Morrison To learn more about these artist please click… Read More

Paper Review, Christina Z. Anderson

Paper Review Christina Z. Anderson

A Community of Photographers: Shootapalooza

This is the first in a series about photographers that have come together to build a community to support each other. We hope you will find these articles enlightening and inspire you to build your own community. If you are part of a photographic community and would like to share your story drop us a note at Thank… Read More

Jesseca Ferguson Gallery

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