Please enjoy todays escape as Chuck Davis takes us below the surface.

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Surf Break © Chuck Davis

A large oceanic wave crashes on top of a volcanic reefscape creating clouldlike wave turbulence as a King Angelfish feeds below, at Isla Las Animas, Sea of Cortez, Baja, Mexico.

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A huge school of sardines forms a “fish tornado” over the top of a vocanic reefscape at twilght, Isla Las Animas, Sea of Cortez, Mexico.

A massive school of sardines swarms over a volcanic reefscape as larger predatory burrito grunts dash into the wall of fish creating a “hole” or tunnel vortex as the sardines contract and expand in unison for their mutal survival.

A school of sleeping white-tipped sharks quiesce in the shadowy deep recesses of a deep underwater volcanic reef ledge during the day. The nocturnal species tends to feed at night and “sleep” during the day.

A school of Cortez barraacuda is silhouetted against the late afternoon sun at Isla Las Animas, Sea of Cortez, Baja, Mexico.

Illuminated by surface sunlight percolating through a hole in a giant kelp canopy, a bull kelp head or pneumatocyst with is undulating blades, seems to dance in the wave induce surge off Pescadero Point, CA.

An aging frond of bull kelp blades floats on a placid ocean surface off Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove, CA — bull kelp is an annual marine algae and after months of wear and tear from currents and wave surges and algae-eating hervivores and encrusting mico algae and invertebrate animals — the frond will slowly make its way to the ocean bottom unless it is blown on shore by wind or currents, but in either case this amazing life form as it deterioriates will create nutrients that will foster life anew. Chuck Davis


Four Pacific bottlenose dolphins swim upward over a sandy sea floor as they rub against each other and bend and twist in a sort of underwater ballet: a “Pas de Quatre.

Thank you Chuck.

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