Of Breath and Dust, Kaitlyn Danielson

  Ambrotypes – Of Breath and Dust  – You write, “I seize the moment of my fading breath and directly address the legacy of a photograph as memento mori. Each breath is captured digitally, printed as a digital transparency, and finally transferred onto glass. Just as every breath is unique, so is every photograph.”  The conversation regarding the… Read More

Denis Roussel Award 2021

The Denis Roussel Award  was started in 2018 to help continue the legacy and celebrate the life of photographer and educator Denis Roussel and to highlight work done by photographers whose work is based on historical/alternative photographic processes, including silver gelatin. Every year we are pleased and humbled to see the portfolios of work that come… Read More

Melissa Wilgis

  “This photographer invented/developed a technique involving cyanotype printed onto black and white gelatin silver paper. The statement reveals great resourcefulness in working without a darkroom in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.” Jesseca Ferguson

Susan Bryant

Susan Bryant was selected as one of the photographers of merit in the 2018 Denis Roussel Award. We are pleased to share her work and words with you today. Please tell us a little about yourself.

Diana Bloomfield, In the Old Garden

  Diana Bloomfield was chosen as one of  the Photographers of Merit by Jill Enfield in this years Denis Roussel Award. Please click on images toes a larger size. In the Old Garden “My grandparents’ house, set back from the street, right in the middle of town, and stood on a couple of acres.  A… Read More

Luther Gerlach Gallery

The Thomas Fire Burn series are unique silver gelatin prints toned with ash and sulfuric water from hot springs at the origin point of the fire, Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula.

The Denis Roussel Award

Banner image by Denis Roussel   The  2018  Denis Award application period is now over.  Thank you for your interest.  Ambrotype, Bromoil, Color Carbon, Chemigram, Cyanotype, Gum Bichromate, Kallitype, Mordançage, Photogravure, Platinum, Palladium, Tintype, Wet Plate Collodion, Dry Plate, Silver Gelatin, Salted Paper Prints …. What is your historic process ?