Burning Bush, 2018 © Luther Gerlach

The Thomas Fire Burn series are unique silver gelatin prints toned with ash and sulfuric water from hot springs at the origin point of the fire, Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula.

Rose Valley Phoenix, 2018 © Luther Gerlach
Inferno, 2018 © Luther Gerlach

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Finestra 6 © Luther Gerlach
Finestra 5 © Luther Gerlach


To learn more about the work of Luther Gerlach please visit his page at Luther Gerlach.

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2 thoughts on “Luther Gerlach Gallery

  1. Beautiful may seem like a strange adjective to apply to these images but they are, in their own way just that. There is an honesty that comes from them as you sense they not only capture the scene but also experienced it. Having spent time walking through and photographing burns myself I know how utterly still and quiet they can be; no leaves, no life, nothing moving. I sense all of that when I look at these powerful images.

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