© Jim Sincock
© Jim Sincock

Today we feature the work space of Jim Sincock.

Tell us about your average working day?

Some days I’m photographing outdoors, but mostly I head to my studio each morning during the week.  When I get to the studio I usually make some coffee and write down some rough ideas on what I’d like to accomplish that day.  Each day is different and I may be working on a still life photo, printing in the darkroom, working on encaustic pieces, or just listening to music and thinking about image ideas.  Recently, I’ve been focused on creating new pieces for my Racine Art Museum Fellowship exhibition, as well as printing and framing for a solo exhibition.

What “objects of inspiration” do you have in your space?

I guess any of the array of books, music, vintage items or random bits of organic materials from nature would be my objects of inspiration.  The old factory building that my studio is in is also inspiring and I often just wander around the building for inspiration.

What tools do you have in your work space?

The usual selection of large format cameras, enlargers, lighting gear, a propane torch, heat gun, and hot plate for my encaustic work, saws, a mat cutter, computer gear . . . .

© Jim Sincock
© Jim Sincock
© Jim Sincock
© Jim Sincock

If there was one thing you could change about your space what would it be?

Running water in my darkroom!  There aren’t many spaces in the building which have direct access to water, so I need to get my water from down the hall, and take the waste water down there as well.  A challenge at times but I make it work.

Is there a studio pet?

No pets allowed in the building (someone’s dog annoyed the owner so he banned all pets, even the building manager’s turtle!  Besides our cat probably wouldn’t care for the space anyhow.

How do you keep track of all of your ideas?

I keep an art journal at home, and at the studio they end up on scraps of paper or on my large drawing pad.  I tried being high-tech and having a cloud based file with notes, but I like writing on paper better.  A lot of the time I also use my i-Phone as a visual notebook where I snap photos of things I want to come back to with my large format cameras and film.

What is on your desk right now?

Right now my desk and various workspaces are filled with negatives, sample prints, final prints and encaustic for the upcoming solo exhibition as well as my Fellowship exhibition.

Does your space inspire you?

My studio is very inspiring!  It is a great space with plenty of room for a shooting area, a production area, a gallery, and a darkroom.  The building itself is funky and cool and filled with history, and there are around forty other artists in the building who are also inspiring to be around.  There is a cafe in the building which brings people through the building and often people will stop in to look at my gallery space.  It is always inspiring to meet people and hear their comments about my art.

Thank you for sharing your work space with us.

To Learn more about Jim Sincock please visit his page at Jim Sincock.


© Jim Sincock
© Jim Sincock




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