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Part 2

Today we share the work of photographers who participated in the Denis Roussel Award and The Rfotofolio Call. Thank you to the all of the photographers that participated in these calls. Your donations help support the Rfotofolio Grant and Rfotofolio.

We would also like to say a special thanks to Lee Bass, Josephine Sacabo, Rachael Wilson Roussel, Carol Boss, Chuck Davis, Mary Aiu, Robin Robinson, Patricia Bender, and Matt Connors. Your support and encouragement has enabled us to share the work of photographers from all over the world. Sharing their art and stories helps us to understand at times a different point of view, and also to see that we may not be so different after all.

Thank you to our sponsors Hahnemühle Paper, Luna Press, Bostick and Sullivan,
Mark Nelson and PDN , Christopher James, LensBaby, and Freestyle Photo.

Thank you to jurors Christopher James, Jennifer Schlesinger, and Paula Tognarelli.

Thank you to all of the photographers that have shared their work and supported Rfotofolio.

You inspire us in this year of challenges. We look forward to 2021.

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Denis Roussel Award 2020

“When I photograph, what I’m really doing is seeking answers to things.”  Wynn Bullock 

To learn more about juror Christopher James please click on his name.

To learn more about the photographers please click on their names.

Lesha Rodriguez

Diana Bloomfield

Kaitlyn Danielson

Paul Adams

Chris Bennett

Megan Bent

Ole Brodersen

Elysabeth Cianci

Tomasz Laczny

Maria Isabel LeBlanc

Kathryn Mayo

Douglas Nicolson

JoaquI­n Paredes

Anna Rotty

David Russo

Gerardo Stübing

Robert Treat


2020 Rfotofolio Selections

“Photography can light up darkness and expose ignorance”.  Lewis Hine

To learn more about the photographers please click on their name.

Mary Aiu

Philip V. Augustin

Marianna Bartolomeo 

Karen Bell

Diana Bloomfield 

Christopher Bryson

Tom Chambers

Michael Darough

Robert Dash 

Richard Dweck

Steve Giovinco

Stephane Goin

Simon Johansson

Jamie Johnson

Mary Kocol

Danica Kus

Dominic Lippillo

E.E. McCollum

Lisa Nebenzahl

Bob Newman

George Nobechi

Diana Cheren Nygren

Cyd Peroni

Michael Puff

Holden Richards

Wendi Schneider

Norm Snyder

Melanie Walker

Ryan Zoghlin

To learn more about our 2020 jurors please click on their name.

Jennifer Schlesinger

Paula Tognarelli

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