Robyn Moore

Robyn Moore’s portfolio Being in the Land was chosen as outstanding work in the 2021 Denis Roussel Award. Pretty exciting work for me to look at and think about. My first reaction was totally around the idea of cinema, specifically, Ingmar Bergman. The photopolymer gravures are really well done, so much so that the content became… Read More

Morgan Ford Willingham

Had a Great Fall © Morgan Ford Willingham

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Maureen Mulhern-White

“I was profoundly influenced by your statement regarding your husband’s dire illness. Like the indelible turmeric you used to color the prints, my knowledge of your situation translated the images into ones where the subjective information was a cacophony of disease inside of the body, childhood memories and blurred, quickly moving, realities.  It is a… Read More

Ky Lewis Gallery

Looming Storm © Ky Lewis

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Ky Lewis

Ky Lewis’s portfolio Ness was a 2021 Denis Roussel Award Outstanding Work Selection. “I like the organic and graphic quality of this work, all of which feels like illustrations for a Cormac McCarthy novel (that’s a compliment). Although your statement is rich in technical adaptations and detail, it is the drama of your tonalities, artifacts and… Read More

Shigeki Yoshida Gallery

34th Street and 7th Ave © Shigeki Yoshida

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Michelle Huisman

  Today we feature the work of Michelle Huisman, a 2021 Denis Roussel Award Work of Merit  winner. “This work is so well done… I kept returning to it over the past few weeks and appreciating how nicely your activism and dedication to community, outreach and volunteerism, coupled with the symbolism of banging spoons on pots… Read More

Diana Bloomfield, 2021 Denis Roussel Award Recipient

“Such accomplished and beautiful work… precise, playful, clearly loved in the process of making. What I truly enjoyed was how many ways this work might be experienced in person especially if given the permission to hold and move the pages and complex elements that make up each piece. In the time-honored treasure and marriage of… Read More

The Denis Roussel Awards 2021

The Denis Roussel Award was started in 2018 to help continue the legacy of photographer and educator Denis Roussel and to highlight work done by photographers whose work is based on the historical/alternative photographic processes, including silver gelatin. We would like to thank juror, author, and educator Christopher James who spent long hours reviewing the submissions.… Read More