Where We Work, Bob Sadler

We are pleased to share the workspace of photographer Bob Sadler. Please tell us about your workspace. I think of my workspace as three areas.  First, there is the landscape which is so spectacular on California’s Central Coast.  I’m outdoors a lot and that’s where capture takes place.  Post processing is usually done on my… Read More

Art that Made a Difference, Inherent Worth and Dignity

Bob Sadler continues the work he started back in 2012 and has had a real impact on the lives of the homeless in his home town. He is using his photography to make a difference. We are pleased to share it here on Rfotofolio. Bob Sadler has been working with IHELP to meet some of… Read More

Bob Sadler Gallery

    To read our interview with Bob Sadler please visit, “Poetic Photography of Bob Sadler.”  Also read about how art can make a difference here,“Art Can Make a Difference”.  You can learn about the Inherent Worth and Dignity Living Portraits  by clicking on the name.

The Poetic Photography of Bob Sadler

  We first meet Bob at a photography workshop last year.  His enthusiasm for photography was clear.  As an example, one evening he went home after class and processed his photos through the night to bring back finished and mounted prints the next morning. Recently, we where fortunate to spend some time with Bob and… Read More