© Bob Sadler 2013
© Bob Sadler 2013

Bob Sadler continues the work he started back in 2012 and has had a real impact on the lives of the homeless in his home town. He is using his photography to make a difference. We are pleased to share it here on Rfotofolio.

Bob Sadler has been working with IHELP to meet some of the needs of homeless men in the Monterey Peninsula.  We were glad to share Bob’s story because we know that often times it can be little more than bad luck, a lost job, a negative health or personal experience that can change a life and cast a person out on to the street.  We wish Bob and the men in his photos the best of luck in the future.

“My intention is to present a portrait of each man who captures the worth and dignity that I’ve seen so clearly when I have dinner with them at IHELP!  Those dinners have transformed my view of the homeless stereotype.  More importantly, the portraits have transformed the view that the men have of themselves.  The story writing has transformed the way the young people see the homeless.  Now, as I begin to preview some of the images and stories, the audiences are verbalizing the same transformative impact.  I think the exhibit will have real power when I can show 30 large prints with the stories beneath.”

“One of the men asked that I take his portrait last Sunday because word is going around that it’s “good luck”.  When I asked what he meant, he said that 5 out of the 7 men that I’ve worked with have found homes after I gave them a print.  I said it was just a coincidence and he insisted it wasn’t.  I asked if they were using the electronic copies of the portraits to apply for housing and jobs.  He said, “No, it’s not that. It’s that they are looking at their portraits and saying to themselves, “I look good! A guy that looks like that should be able to get a place to live in.  They’re more confident and positive and that’s why they’re getting a place to live!  Now, please shoot my picture so I can get a house!” Bob Sadler


© Bob Sadler 2013
© Bob Sadler 2013

A comment from Barbara Bullock-Wilson

“This is a transformational project on a number of levels – for the IHelp participants themselves; for my friend and project photographer Bob Sadler; for the many other people, including myself, who have been privileged to view these moving portraits; for the young people who are interviewing the men and writing commentaries to go along with the portraits; and for property owners and employers who are being inspired to rent to and hire these men because of the men’s enhanced sense of self-worth.

As Bob has pursued this project, I have witnessed his growing understanding of and appreciation for the men he photographs. Through the openings of heart and mind he and they have experienced together, they have formed a creative partnership that is mutually respectful. The result is an increasing set of images that are beautifully and powerfully executed as well as lovingly revealing. It is soul-stirring work”.

Thank you Barbara for telling us more about this project.

To learn more please visit, Inherent Worth and Dignity Project. 

To read our interview with Bob Sadler please visit,

“The Poetic Photography of Bob Sadler”

Please learn more about Bob Sadler’s Photography please visit his site at, Light Moment Photography.


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