Where I photograph © Bob Sadler

We are pleased to share the workspace of photographer Bob Sadler.

Please tell us about your workspace.

I think of my workspace as three areas.  First, there is the landscape which is so spectacular on California’s Central Coast.  I’m outdoors a lot and that’s where capture takes place.  Post processing is usually done on my laptop in our living/dining room. I do the mixed media work in a studio that my wife and I created by converting an attached two-car garage into our art studio. Sharon is a watercolor painter, so she and I have work at studio desks.  We installed gallery lighting in the ceiling and custom-built cabinets to store materials and finished pieces.

My studio desk © Bob Sadler
View from my desk © Bob Sadler

What objects of inspiration do you have in your space?

I have several photographs on the wall behind my desk.  I have prints by Edwardo Fuji and Wynn Bullock as well as posters by Brett Weston and Imogen Cunningham.  I also have one of my own prints on that wall. Sharon has her watercolors on the other wall.

Do you have any favorite tools in your workspace?

I have a Canon 6D Mark II and an Epson 3880 printer with a selection of inks and paper. I have gold, silver and white gold leaf for work on vellum and Pictorico.  I have a full set of oil pastels, acrylics and watercolors for hand painting photographs that I apply to artist block. In addition, I have resin and protective gear for applying it.

Does your workspace influence your work?

The space influences the amount and speed of work. We have everything set up to just sit down and work.  We don’t spend time setting up and tearing down the space every time we want to work.  So, if I only have 20 minutes, I can go to the studio and accomplish something before I just walk away.  The studio also helps us forget about all the other things we could be doing in the house.

Where I postprocess © Bob Sadler

If there is one thing you could change about your workspace what would it be?

I would like more space. It’s not large enough for me to produce more than one or two pieces at a time and I can’t go as large as I would like.  

How do you keep track of your ideas? 

I’m pretty single minded.  Once I get an idea for a project, all my creative daydreaming is centered on how to do that project more effectively.  Sometimes a project goes on for years.  So, I don’t have any problem keeping track.

Where I create mixed media © Bob Sadler

Any advice for someone thinking about adding a workspace? 

I think it’s important to have a dedicated workspace if at all possible.  It was worth converting our garage. Our car hasn’t complained at all. We put eight adjustable gallery lights in the ceiling and have desks with electric adjustable height.  The custom storage is amazing. Those were all high value things to do.

Thank you Bob Sadler

To learn more about the work of Bob Sadler please visit his page at Bob Sadler.


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