Poetic Inspiration of the Ordinary, Eduardo Fujii

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2019 Rfotofolio Selections

For the 2019 Rfotofolio Call we where honored to have Sally Davies, Kat Kiernan, and Brian Taylor as our guest jurors. Rfotofolio also includes our selections in todays annoucement. We asked each juror to selected their three top portfolios, works of merit, and top selections in dimensional work. This was no easy task. All the jurors… Read More

Going Places

Girl in Car by Wynn Bullock © Bullock Family Photography, LLC

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A Way to Help

We are continuing the A Way to Help campaign in 2019. A Way to Help started in 2016 as an answer to the question, “How can we help?” With the generous support of our readers, A Way to Help fundraising campaigns have sent grants to nine photographers. It provides grants to photographers who were affected by… Read More

Looking for Water

  My affair with water began 17 years ago, after hip replacement. The doctor simply prescribed swimming. Thankfully I had a pool in my backyard, and living in Atlanta after the Olympics, I was able to swim at one of their heated pools in the winter.

Tina Rowe Gallery

Woman in Red © Tina Rowe

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Tina Rowe

Tina Rowe was chosen by juror Jesseca Ferguson as the recipient of the2019 Denis Roussel Award We are pleased to present her interview and work. “Using liquid emulsion, this artist prints found negatives anonymous snapshots from a previous era, onto oyster shells she gathers at the edge of London’s Thames River – a very unexpected conjunction of… Read More

Immigrants are US,Zareen Khan

  Zareen Khan © Mark Tuschman Zareen Khan Country of Origin: Pakistan Chef and Co-Founder of Zareen’s Restaurant My name is Zareen Khan and originally from Pakistan. I am the chef and founder, along with my husband Umair, of Zareen’s restaurant where we serve authentic Pakistani and Indian food.

2019 Rfotofolio Call

Due to the extreme situations some people find themselves in we are going to extend the deadline to November 3. Some of the things that happen when you take part in a call. You look at your work more closely. Editing becomes key. Your own selection process becomes more in tune with what you want… Read More

Mark Tuschman, Immigrants are US

Today we are are honored to share new work from Mark Tuschman. We will be sharing more of this work in the weeks ahead. Please click on each image to read their individual stories. Please tell us what the driving force was that inspired Immigrants are US.  Immigrant rights are a subject close to my… Read More

Alanna Airitam

Today we are share the work and words of Alanna Airitam. Please tell us alittle about yourself. I never know how to answer this question so I’ll give you a few random facts. I am a native New Yorker but have lived in lots of places including Dallas, Santa Fe, Bali, Thailand, and various parts… Read More


Please click on image to see a larger size. To learn more about these artist please visit their pages by clicking on the their name. Wynn Bullock Morgan Fisher Featured comments:  “It is a huge honour for me to have my work shown here alongside that of a true master of light, Wynn Bullock. Sincere… Read More