How to Make a Country, Alanna Airitam

“I was in my living room one day looking at one of the U.S. flags (I say U.S. flag because America as a whole is actually comprised of several countries, not just this one but that’s a whole other topic) we have here in the studio and I started thinking about the story of Betsy… Read More

Elizabeth Opalenik

To learn more about the work of Elizabeth Opalenik please visit her page at Elizabeth Opalenik.   

Diane Cockerill

Today we are pleased to share the work of Diane Cockerill. Her work was chosen as one of the 2019 Rfotofolio Selections. I love the vibe of these, the rain is so tactile, I am behind the glass looking out. So I am dry, but very much in that place.  Very romantic and melancholy vibe.… Read More

Beth Galton Gallery

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When They Were Young

    The young men that became our fathers. Please click on picture to see larger version.

Beth Galton

Today we are pleased to share the work of Beth Galton. Her work was chosen as one of the 2019 Rfotofolio Selections. Would you please tell us a little about yourself? I am a photo-based artist, with an educational background in the natural sciences and over 35 years of experience as a professional photographer in… Read More

Where We Work, Patricia Bender

We are pleased to share the workspace of photographer Patricia Bender. A couple weeks ago I threw in the towel on my rarely used formal dining room, already overrun with art supplies, and turned it into an official artist studio.  I’d created a darkroom and dry workspace in my basement over ten years ago, and… Read More

Robert Schaefer

Robert Schaefer’s work was selected as a Work of Merit in the 2019 Denis Roussel Award. “This photographer has perfected the technique of printing cyanotype on glass.” Jesseca Ferguson We are pleased to feature his work here on Rfotofolio.

The Denis Roussel Award

This is the last week to submit  your applications. June 7th is the deadline. Please read all the information below. If you still have a question  please contact us at The Denis Roussel Award  was started in 2018 to help continue the legacy of photographer and educator Denis Roussel and to highlight work done… Read More

Edna Bullock

  The Edna Bullock story is an inspiration. No matter where we are in life it is never too late to seize the day.

John Loengard

  Remembering John Loengard 1934 to 2020 LIFE photographer & Director of Photography Rfotofolio is pleased to share our interview with photographer John Loengard from 2016. Thank you John. 

Doug Winter

Doug Winter’s work was one of the 2019 Rfotofolio Selections. We are pleased to share his work and words. Please tell us about yourself.


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Captive, Christine Fitzgerald

Captive  The parrot: symbolic of our fascination with the exotic, and yet victim, too, of these preoccupations. Christine Fitzgerald