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Landscapes of Presence u-
34 © Jerry Takigawa

Five years ago we published our first interview here on Rfotofolio. Each year we have had the honor of meeting new photographers and to be inspired by the work we see. We also have been able to stay connected to many of the photographers who have been so generous with their time, thoughts and work since the very beginning.

Thank you to all of the photographers for sharing their work and words with us.
To learn more about the photographers on Rfotofolio please visit The Photographers. 


Because of the generosity of our readers, fellow photographers, and sponsors we have been able to continue giving grants.

In 2016 the Rfotofolio Grant was awarded to an anonymous recipient.
Between 2016 – 2017 the  A Way to Help Campaign raised enough funds for grants to be given to three individuals.  Two wished to remain anonymous and the third grant was given to photographerNathanael Kuenzil.   

Our 2017 Rfotofolio Grant was awarded to photographer Denis Roussel. 

Thank you to all our supporters and sponsors.

Lost Lake © Denis Roussel

Thank you to Christina Z. Anderson, Fran Forman, Kerik Kouklis, Willie Osterman,Liese Ricketts, Susan Spiritus, Joanne Teasdale ,and Barbara-Wilson for contributing articles to Rfotofolio. We look forward to publishing more in the future.


Thank you to Diana Bloomfield, Keith Taylor, and Zach Weston for sharing your workspaces and inspiring us. To read more check out Where We Work.


Thank you Tina Weitz for exhibiting the wonderful work of INPrint at your Photo Méthode Gallery. 


Thank you for taking us along on the your journeys.


 Here is to the year ahead.
Art can make a difference!



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