Emilija Petrauskienė

    Today we are please to share the work of Emilija Petrauskienė, Emilija was chosen as one of the 2019 Rfotofolio Selections.   Would you please tell us a little about yourself? I was born in 1981. I am living in Lithuania, Vilnius. I have finished medical school and am now working as a full… Read More

Gregory Brophy

“I was originally trained as a painter before falling in love with photography. While I do sometimes use digital cameras, I felt that something was missing. That was the process of making things by hand and having something tangible to hold. I work in Carbon, Platinum/Palladium, Photopolymer Gravure and Gum Bichromate and strive to learn… Read More

Amy Kanka Valadarsky

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Christine Fitzgerald

Today we share the work and words of Christine Fitzgerald.  One of the selections in the 2017 Call for Entry. “ Beyond personally being a collodionist I find this group to be authentic with respect to the culmination of the image to the technique. There are smears and smudges on the images that create a… Read More

Mark Nelson, Photographer

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Winky Lewis

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