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A New Path, Bob Cornelis

  Many photographers have also worked in other art forms either totally separate from photography: Brett Weston and his sculpture, Robin Dintiman and her installations, Robert Treat and his paintings. Melaine Walker, K.K.DePaul and Diana Bloomfield use their photography in other forms such as books, collage, and three-demensional work. It is import to experiment in art,… Read More


K.K. DePaul was one of the 2018 Rfotofolio Selections. “This project beautifully articulated, through text and process, the many faces we not only share with the world, but with ourselves. Creatively using the same image through out the project and allowing what surrounds it to change was a touch of brilliance, creating a straight line… Read More

Photographer Brady Wilks

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K.K. DePaul Gallery

To read our interview with K.K. DePaul please visit, “Reconstructing” . To learn more about K.K. DePaul please visit her site, K.K.DePaul. Thank you to the artist that share their work with Rfotofolio.

Reconstructing, the Work of K.K.DePaul

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