2022 Denis Roussel Award

The Denis Roussel Award  was started in 2018 to help continue the legacy and celebrate the life of photographer and educator Denis Roussel and to highlight work done by photographers whose work is based on historical/alternative photographic processes, including silver gelatin. Every year we are pleased and humbled to see the portfolios of work that come… Read More

Shigeki Yoshida Gallery

34th Street and 7th Ave © Shigeki Yoshida

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Shigeki Yoshida

Shigeki Yoshida is a Rfotofolio Selection from the 2021 Denis Roussel Award. We are pleased to share his work and words today on Rfotofolio.  Would you please tell us about yourself?

Michelle Huisman Gallery

All Spoons © Michelle Huisman

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Michelle Huisman

  Today we feature the work of Michelle Huisman, a 2021 Denis Roussel Award Work of Merit  winner. “This work is so well done… I kept returning to it over the past few weeks and appreciating how nicely your activism and dedication to community, outreach and volunteerism, coupled with the symbolism of banging spoons on pots… Read More

Melanie Walker Gallery

Nomadic Dreamer 1 © Melanie Walker

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Vaune Trachtman Gallery

Bound 6 © Vaune Trachtman

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Vaune Trachtman

    Vaune Trachtman’s portfolio was chosen as a 2021 Rfotofolio Selection by Diana Bloomfield. We are pleased to share it here. “I was immediately drawn to this work as I think it’s such a spectacular way of using old family photographs to make a shared connection. The artist blends past and present, collapsing time… Read More

Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts portfolio was chosen as a 2021 Rfotofolio Selection by Diana Bloomfield. We are pleased to share it here. “I find these images original and unique. I looked at them many times and always found something new. I love the very idea of returning to older photographs and reimagining them in distinctly new ways.… Read More

Debra Achen

Debra Achen’s portfolio Folding and Mending was chosen as a 2021 Rfotofolio Selection by all jurors. We are pleased to share her work and words here today. Would you please tell us about yourself?

Beauty Where You Find It

  Image in banner and on poster by Denis Roussel   Thank you to Rachel Roussel-Diamond and family for your encouragement and support. A special and thank you to Josephine Sacabo for your support of the Denis Roussel Award and your support of Rfotofolio. Thank you to the following individuals and businesses. Carol Boss and Hahnemühle… Read More

Journal of a Plague Year, Greg Brophy

Greg Brophy’s portfolio Journal of a Plague Year was chosen as a 2021 Rfotofolio Selection.  

Jamie Johnson

  Jamie Johnson’s portfolio Growing Up Traveling  was chosen as a 2020 Rfotofolio Merit Award by juror Ann Jastrab.  We are pleased to share her work here on Rfotofolio. Please click on images to see a different view.