Finestra 6 © Luther Gerlach

Back in 2018 Luther Gerlach was our first Denis Roussel Award winner chosen by Jill Enfield. What a momentous way to start an award honoring the artist made image.

“Having spent a number of years making hundreds of wet plate collodion portraits, I know that to get these perfect renditions in his portfolio “Fabrica”, required hours and hours and likely going back to the drawing board if any imperfections somehow found their way onto the glass. No imperfections are seen here which means that Luther Gerlach was passionately committed to getting these results. Luther explains his, “sense of loss,” when he learned that this factory was going to be repurposed into modern apartments, and any viewer of these images is immediately brought to similar thoughts of loss, of comparable scenarios in their own world.

These ethereal images are rich with narrative and tell the universal story of places and lives being expediently erased from our consciousness for the sake of “progress.” We should thank Luther for his,“…small way of saving this factory, archiving it’s history in light and shadow.“ Thank you Luther.  Jill Enfield 

Please click on image to see a different view.

To learn more about the work of Luther Gerlach please visir his page by clicking on his name.


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