Luther Gerlach

Back in 2018 Luther Gerlach was our first Denis Roussel Award winner chosen by Jill Enfield. What a momentous way to start an award honoring the artist made image. “Having spent a number of years making hundreds of wet plate collodion portraits, I know that to get these perfect renditions in his portfolio “Fabrica”, required… Read More

Curran Broderick

Because of the high quality of work submitted for the Denis Roussel Award,  Jill Enfield, our juror choose four photographers to recive Photographer of Merit recogntion. One of those four is Curran Broderick. Today we are pleased to share his work.

The 2018 Denis Roussel Award

In 2018,  Rfotofolio established the Denis Roussel Award to help continue the legacy of photographer Denis Roussel. We first met Denis in 2013 when he entered our call, What is Beauty? He worked on a broad range of projects including one where even the compost bin was his muse, showing us that there is beauty everywhere. Denis was… Read More