Today we share work from some of the amazing photographers we have met over the years through the Rfotofolio Call for Entry.

For the 2013 Call for Entry, we ask What is Beauty? We where honored to have France Scully Osterman as our juror.

Denis Roussel

Vicki Wilson Hunt

Annette Fournet

Mariana Bartolomeo

Please click on images to see larger size.


In 2014 Call for Entry Inspire  we ask photographers “What inspires you?” and they answered.  We thank  Joanne Teasdale  for being our juror.

Patricia Bender

Frang Dushaj

Mihai Florea

Willie Osterman

Grace Weston


The 2015 Call for Entry  One was judged on a single image.  Susan Spiritus was kind enough to be our juror.

 Barbara Moon Batista

Eduardo Fujii

E. E. McCollum

Angie McMonigal

Reuben Radding

More to come.

This year we are honoured to have Collier Brown,  Fran Forman, and Aline Smithson as our jurors. To learn more please visit 2018 Rfotofolio Call for Entry.


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