Every year Rfotofolio’s call for entry brings a variety of imaginative, inspired work from photographers around the world to our attention. Along with guest jurors Rfotofolio selects work that inspires us. Our selections were based on the entire portfolio of work submitted, not just the image featured today. Just because your portfolio was not selected does not mean you did not submit wonderful images. We look forward to next year. Thank you to all who submitted their work.

Today we share our selections.

Rfotofolio’s Choice Awards

Keith Taylor

© Keith Taylor

Oliver Klink

© Oliver Klink

Lynda Fay Braun

© Lynda Fay Braun

Wen Hang Lin

©Win Hang Lin

Mark Brown

© Mark Brown


Joseph O’Neill

© Joseph O’Neill

Irene Zóttola Carretero

© Irene Zóttola Carretero


Robynne Limoges

© Robynne Limoges

To see the guest jurors selections please visit The 2017 Juried Call. 

This year we were honored to have David Carol, Willie Osterman, and Barbara Bullock-Wilson as our guest jurors. Thank you for your time and thoughtful considerations.

Thank you to our generous sponsors, Chris Kovacs of Adore Noir, and Carol Boss at Hahnemühle Paper, and to all our supporters.

Banner image by Robynne Limoges

Art can make a difference.

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