Thank you Bill for sharing your new series,  Detroit : Where We Used to Live.


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“Many thanks to Bill Schwab for a great, but saddening group of photos. Thanks, too, to Rfotofolio for exhibiting them. Having grown up in Detroit, I know [or knew] these streets, some of these very locations, that boat [a trip to Bob-Lo Island was a real event in grade school, mainly because of the boat]. The photos also speak to insidious changes we are seeing around us. They document an America that is, or was-embodied in these few buildings left standing, amid empty areas. The three sisters are gone, the remaining houses in some of these neighborhoods like remaining teeth in what is only now a memory of a smile. Nonetheless, thanks, Bill, for some great images.”  Norm Snyder

“These are incredible photos! Bill’s work continues to astound us. Thanks for posting!”

Fran Forman

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