Information Overload © Greg Brophy

Greg Brophy’s portfolio Journal of a Plague Year was chosen as a 2021 Rfotofolio Selection.


Journal of a Plague Year
The world has gone mad the last couple of years. So much information, everyone has become a doctor, a scientist and a reporter at the same time. People are confused and working through their own emotions of what the pandemic means to them. How to deal with the isolation and the uncertainty of what comes next. Food and housing insecurity affecting so many, while others make their fortunes. The world will never be the same.
My motive in creating this series is to portray how I felt personally and how I dealt with the last couple of years. The conflicts with friends and family, my own personal conflicts. The constant bombardment of information right and wrong.
Like many artists during this period we used this time to hold the mirror up to our face and the face of society. What do we see, what will other see in this mirror. Many people have reconsidered what it means to live life and say “Memento Mori” – Life is short, enjoy it while you can.
These photos are 20×25 inch Photopolymer Gravures on Hahnemuhle Copper Plate paper.
Greg Brophy

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