Isolation © Carol Erb

My project, Small Wonders, is a series of constructed still life images made during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Days, weeks, months, with little to do, I turned inward, to contemplate, to wonder. These photographs became a visual diary of my revolving emotional state. Little tabletop metaphors for fear, anger, and boredom, as I struggled to view my own life as one of privilege and choice. 

There were many gifts along the way. Long forgotten childhood memories shared with my sister during virtual visits. The time to consider my mother’s poetry, which in turn inspired me to write some free verse myself. I marveled at the wonders of nature, science, and the wisdom of philosophers.

Creating these photographs became a sort of therapy, a place where my shifting thoughts and emotion could take form, allowing me to view them from a distance. Two years into this mess, I have learned to live differently, to adjust expectations, and appreciate my own resiliency. Carol Erb

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Still Waiting © Carol Erb

Thank you Carol. To learn more about the work of Carol Erb please visit her page by clicking on her name.


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