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Jordanna Kalman one of the 2018 Rfotofolio Selections.

Would you please tell us a little about yourself?

I live in the Hudson Valley in NY state and have more or less lived in this area my whole life.

Where did you get your photographic training?

I was awarded my Masters degree from the London College of Communication (UK) and my BFA from Purchase College (NY).

© Jordanna Kalman

Why do you create?

From a young age I always needed to express myself through making things. I never questioned why, it’s just how I am.

Who has had an influence on your creative process?

Most dominant as of late: Louis Bourgeois, Raymond Carver and the X-files.

Please tell us about an image (not your own) that has stayed with you over time.

There is a picture of Lee Miller by Man Ray that I first saw at a friend’s house about ten years ago. I was staying there and it was an exhibition poster on the wall at the foot of the bed. It hypnotized me every day for two weeks. I took  so many pictures of it… it really spoke to me and still does.

© Jordanna Kalman

What image of yours would you say taught you an important lesson?

I’ve always loved experimenting and experimental work and at school I felt somewhat ostracized because I wasn’t overly interested in formal portrait or landscape photography. I’ve always felt there was this “correct” idea of photography and in my head I still always feel guilty about not making straight photos.

This is a picture I made towards the end of 2014 when I started to seriously think about and experiment with making photos of photos but still incorporate the formal work I was making.

What makes a good day for you creatively speaking?

I work every day.  On some days the magic happens usually when the sun is out and I feel like I’ve produced something worthwhile. Then it’s a good day.

If you could spend a day with any other photographer or artist living or passed who would it be?

I’d love to go exploring in the woods with Rebecca Cairns.

How important is the photographic community to you?

I think it’s extremely important. Before I started the online gallery, Streit House Space, in
2014 I felt like I was floating out in space with no idea how to connect with other photographers. Now I feel privileged being able to support other people’s work and connect with like minded artists.

What equipment have you found essential in the making of your work?

I use whatever I can get my hands on. The camera I work most with lately is an old press camera that uses 120 film. I’m lucky to have a father who is also a photographer. I get a lot of hand me downs and he lets me borrow quite a bit!

Is there something in photography that you would like to try in the future?

I took a couple holography classes earlier this year and did a bit on my own with a student kit. The process completely blew my mind. I would love to explore it further.

© Jordanna Kalman

What’s on the horizon?

Currently I’m working on a monograph of my “Little Romances” series to be published in the fall of 2019 by Daylight Books.

Thank you Jordanna Kalman for sharing your work and words.

To learn more about the work of Jordanna Kalman please visit her site.


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