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Art can make a difference.
We are proud to say that in 2016 to June of 2017 Rfotofolio has given five grants due to the generosity of our supporters.

2016 Rfotofolio Grant was awarded to an anonymous recipient.
2017 Rfotofolio Grant was awarded to Denis Roussel

Last December we  started A Way to Help Campaign and are continuing that tradition this year. We awarded three grants  from that campaign.
Two of the recipients wished to remain anonymous and the third was photographer. Nathanael Kuenzil. 

This year has hit many people very hard so we are starting  A Way to Help Campaign early.
We know that every organization is asking for your help at this time year but we hope our readers will be able to help support fellow photographers.
Any amount that you can donate is greatly appreciated. There is strength in numbers.
Thank you for your consideration.

To learn more about the Rfotofolio Grant please visit The Rfotofolio Grant.
Banner Image by Lynda Faye Braun.
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