One of the best things about Rfotofolio is that it has given us the chance to meet so many wonderful photographers, to be inspired by their creativity, and marvel at what a generous group of artist they are. We are honored to call many of them our friends, even if it is from a distance.

In 2013 we met Denis Roussel. He entered our call What is Beauty, and he has been sharing the beauty he creates with us ever since.

Echo Lake © Denis Roussel

Today we are honored to name Denis Roussel as the 2017 recipient of the Rfotofolio Grant.

Bristlecone © Denis Roussel


The following is taken from our interview with Denis:

How does your art affect the way you see the world?

“To answer this question properly I would have to imagine how I would see the world if I didn’t make photographs. I cannot really tell. What I can say is that my art doesn’t just affect the way I see the world, it influences the way I experience the world, the way I think about it and the way I live my life.” Denis Roussel 

The following background information appears on his site.

I was born in 1976 in France. I studied chemical engineering in Rennes, France, before completing an MA and an MFA, both in photography, in the USA.
Since graduating, I have explored scientific imagery as a medical photographer, I have shared my passion for fine art photography as an adjunct faculty and I have continued my exploration of the medium.

In the past several years I have been increasingly involved with historical and alternative processes. I have produced several series of wet-plate collodion photographs. I have also worked on a multi-year project focusing on recycling and composting using a multitude of techniques, from cyanotype photographs to lumen printing and anthotypes.
I have been living in Colorado for the past 10 years where I have regularly showed my work. I have also exhibited in France, at Oyonnax and during the “Quinzaine Photo Nantaise” in my hometown.


Tomato Containers © Denis Roussel

Thank you Denis for sharing your work and inspiration with us.

To learn more about the work of Denis Roussel please visit his page at Denis Roussel. 

To learn more about the Rfotofolio Grant please visit The Rfotofolio Grant.






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