Color Light Abstraction,1075 (Early 1960’s)Wynn Bullock© Bullock Family Photography, LLC
Color Light Abstraction 1961, Wynn Bullock © Bullock Family Photography, LLC

“Searching is everything – going beyond what you know. And the test of the search is really in the things themselves, the things you seek to understand. What is important is not what you think about them, but how they enlarge you.” Wynn Bullock

Girl in Car Wynn Bullock © Bullock Family Photography, LLC
Stark Tree, 1956 Wynn Bullock © Bullock Family Photography, LLC
Point Lobos Tide Pool ,1957 by Wynn Bullock© Wynn Bullock Family Photography

“The urge to create, the urge to photograph, comes in part from the deep desire to live with more integrity, to live more in peace with the world, and possibly to help others to do the same” Wynn Bullock

Navigation Without Numbers 1957 Wynn Bullock ©Bullock Family Photography LLC


Let There Be Light, 1954, Wynn Bullock © 2013 Bullock Family Photography, LLC

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Wynn Spotting in the Studio © Phil Palmer


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