Insomnia © Grace Weston
Insomnia © Grace Weston

The Long Night

As an artist working in the genre of staged photography, I construct, light, and photograph miniature, staged narrative vignettes. Despite the fact that I never depict actual humans in my imagery, people and the human psyche are undeniably at the center of my work.

In this series, The Long Night, isolated characters are set into scenarios heavy with mystery and psychological tension. Though suggesting narrative, the story is barely implied. The work has a nostalgic look, some pieces conjuring up film noir, pulp fiction books, or 1960’s spy films.

All of the scenes take place at night. The settings are decidedly suburban: cul-de-sacs, dark and empty roads, the small town bar, private basements and bedrooms – all offering an impression of seclusion, ripe for clandestine schemes. We get to squirm with the sense of being voyeurs. As witnesses, are we implicated? What assumptions do we make? Do the characters know one another? How are they entwined? What are their motives? Are they heroes or villains, or a muddy concoction of each?

The world is riddled with more questions than answers. There are no absolutes. My props and characters may come from a child’s world, but these are adult stories.

Grace Weston

Just Drive © Grace Weston
Just Drive © Grace Weston
Lay Low © Grace Weston
Lay Low © Grace Weston
Slip Away © Grace Weston
Slip Away © Grace Weston


To learn more about the work of Grace Weston please visit her page, Grace Weston.


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